Helpful Tips

  • You cannot find Minibus or Minivan Services at the Taxi stations close by the Airports, Ports etc.They have to be booked in advance and although that the last moment service is not certain in particular during summertime;
  • If you are to arrive from Corfu’s port, a heads up at the moment you buy your ticket it will be highly appreciated;
  • If you are to arrive from Italy via ship, we kindly ask you to indicate in your booking email, the exact name of the boat and the ship company (as many companies release tickets for others);
  • If you favour our company for transfers to & from Albania, we give away for free a secure parking space for your car;
  • In case of an advance payment via bank transfer or credit card from our website, please indicate ALWAYS, at the reason for payment, the name and surname of the person who will receive our services and the date of the transfer.