We serve the transfer industry since 1991 with responsibility and respect for all of our clients.

As we provide transfer services using exclusively luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles that are of cutting edge technology and indisputably always kept clean (we effectuate BIO clean on a daily basis).

You do not have to worry if your arrival is being delayed or even if it happens earlier as we always track down via internet the exact position of your ship or airplane.

We provide PET service in order for your little friend to travel next to you, in First Class, as the business manager is the owner of four Labradors and an animal lover.

In addition, you will find our driver at the closest point possible waiting for you and holding a sign with your name, he will welcome you and help you with your baggage.

We can arrange your marine transfer from all the northwest coast of Greece towards Paxοs, Corfu΄, Othonι, etc.

Last but not least we have to mention that whatever of your property you forget in our vehicles it will be certainly returned to you.

We will find a way to ship you the object or even bring it back to your hands in person.